16 - 20 Apr 2018


UiT, Kirkenes Campus


Centre for Peace Studies in collaboration with the Barents Institute, UiT




Christine Smith-Simonsen (


​Confirmed contributing professors: Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv (CPS/UiT), Kari Aga Myklebust (AHR/UiT), Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen (ISV/UiT), Alexandr Sergunin (StPSU), Pavel Baev (PRIO) and Olav Stokke (ISV/UIO).

​This PhD course will address the historic and current relationships between Norway and Russia – and other relevant international actors operating in the region – and how these affect human/security in the Arctic. 

Apply online at:
NB! Application code: 9306, Course code: SVF-8058

Application deadline: February 1st 2018 

Course Description:

​The course venue is situated closely to the issues in question, in Kirkenes, by the border between Norway and Russia. This way, the participants can better explore how this frontier/cold front/peace front plays out in regional, national and international agendas – as well as in the everyday life of ordinary people on all sides of the high north borders. Among the issues that will be addressed are; migration, including the challenges met at Storskog and the role of Arctic states in the "migration crises"; extractive industries, including mining in Nikel; tensions between economic and environmental security; and contested perceptions of security as told by the periphery (North Norway) and the centre (Oslo) regarding Russian threat levels towards Norway. Lectures, excursion and seminar discussions will be led by experts in the field; historians, political scientists, peace researchers and representatives from local- and regional management. 

Teaching methods:

  • One week intensive course:
    • Lectures
    • Seminars, including student presentations and peer reviews
    • Excursion
  • Individual reading of pre-determined reading list prior to course and submission of individual paper on a relevant topic after the course.


​A detailed program will be posted here in due course. For now we would just like to inform that the program is planned to start in the early afternoon on Monday, allowing for participants to fly in that day, and to end by lunchtime on Friday, allowing for participants to fly out in the early afternoon.

The program will contain lectures, discussions, paper seminars and excursions, as well as an evening panel debate open to the wider community.


Application deadline: February 1st 2018  


Exam:  Essay/Paper of ca 3000 words, submitted by set deadline after the course, to be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis

Curriculum: 500 pages, whereof 150 pages are self-selected (to be approved upon exam assessment)


Apply online at:

  • NB! Application code: 9306, Course code: SVF-8058

Documented enrollment in a PhD program or documented MA degree. Applicants from enlisted countries must also document English proficiency.

For details, please see Course description:
For those admitted to the course, the organisers will book and cover accommodation with breakfast and program listed meals (lunch and dinner on course days). In addition, the organisers offers reimbursement of airfare upon required documentation (details will be posted) of UP TO 5000,- NOK from Norway/Europe and UP TO 12000,- NOK from outside Europe. Other costs like airport transportation, additional meals, taxi etc will not be covered.