Cyprus Course on Peace and Conflict (2014)

Please note: This page refers to a course that has already taken place.


06 - 10 Oct 2014



Kristoffer Lidén, PRIO and Gregory M. Reichberg PRIO, UiO





​Course on the cyprus conflict and related topics of peace and conflict for research school members and their supervisors. A limited number of seats available. Travel and accommodation will be covered.

The course is organised in collaboration with the PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Course Description:

The idea that peace and conflict constitute a special domain of research emerged about half a century ago, and has since become a major multi-disciplinary field of inquiry. The field is often associated with the Nordic countries where specialized institutes on peace research have existed since the late 1950's. This year the Journal of Peace Research – a major venue for cutting-edge studies in this field – celebrates its 50th anniversary. Hence, the timing is propitious to launch this course on peace and conflict research, co-organized by PRIO, the University of Oslo, and NTNU.

The very nature of peace and conflict research has been the subject of some disagreement. On some accounts peace and conflict research is best construed as a unified discipline, while on other accounts it is alternatively described as a field of study that can be approached from within a variety of different disciplines. The very aim or purpose of this research has also been a matter of some contention, with some viewing it first and foremost as a mode of scientific inquiry where knowledge is sought for its own sake, while for others it has a normative thrust – under the supposition that giving impetus to a more peaceful state-of-affairs in the world is of its very essence.

The objective of this course is twofold: on the one hand, it will examine the theory of peace and conflict research (its nature, scope, and impact) and on the other it will consider some (although by no means all) of its chief topics, including the ethics of military intervention, the gendered dimensions of peace and conflict, the changing character of war, as well as the challenges of reestablishing peace in war torn societies.

As the course will be held in Cyprus (where PRIO maintains a research center) – first in the southern city of Limassol, and afterwards in the divided capital Nicosia – we will take advantage of this setting to explore how the theoretical issues of peace and conflict research play out in one distinctive local context. This will be done both thematically – with lectures on e.g. the war of 1974 and its ongoing effects today – and with a guided field trip to conflict-related sites in Nicosia. The first four days (Monday through Thursday) will be occupied with lectures, while the last day and a half (Friday-Saturday) will broaden the course thematic by participation in a conference "Europe in Conflict" that will be organized jointly by the PRIO Cyprus center and the Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C.).


 Monday 6 October


Peace and Conflict Research: Theory and Issues


Greg Reichberg, PRIO and University of Oslo: Introduction


Kristian Berg Harpviken, PRIO: The nature and impact of peace research




The Ethics of Military Intervention


Greg Reichberg, PRIO: Ethical criteria


Harry Tzimitras and Ayla Gurel, PRIO Cyprus Centre: Case study, the Turkish invasion/intervention in Cyprus in 1974


Kristoffer Lidén, PRIO: Intervention and Representation


Tuesday 7 October


Interventions and the changing character of war


Øyvind Østerud (UiO): Lessons learned from international military operations and counterinsurgency during the last decade


Michael Daxner (Free University of Berlin): How interventions are perceived at home: the role of the public in intervening countries.


Sibylle Bauer (SIPRI): Preventing and punishing WMD-related offences: national implementation of international obligations




Ph.D. supervision


Lynn P. Nygaard, PRIO: Getting the most out of PhD supervision


Wednesday 8 October



Free time and transport to Nicosia from Limassol (one hour).


Steering Group meeting




Visit to Nicosia UN Buffer Zone; introduction to the work of UNFICYP


Thursday 9 October



Gendered dimensions of peace and conflict


Inger Skjelsbæk, PRIO: Gendering the Political Psychology of War


Olga Demetriou, PRIO Cyprus Centre: Title TBC




Restoring peace: post-conflict issues


Kristen Ringdal, NTNU: The conflict in Macedonia


Poul Poder, University of Copenhagen: The role of forgiveness, hope and trust in building peace


Ayla Gurel and Giorgos Charalambous, PRIO Cyprus Centre: The Cypriot context


Friday 10 October


All day

Guided tour of conflict-affected areas of Nicosia, south (Greek Cypriot area), buffer zone and north (Turkish Cypriot area)


With Olga Demetriou, PRIO Cyprus Centre; Mete Hatay, PRIO Cyprus Centre; and Marios Epameinonda (Home for Cooperation)


Saturday 11 October


All day

Potential excursion to Famagusta





Course paper abstract: 12 November 2014

Course paper: 15 December 2014