Cyprus Course on Peace and Conflict (For Research School members and their supervisors) - Research School on Peace and Conflict

Cyprus Course on Peace and Conflict (For Research School members and their supervisors)


14 - 20 Oct 2018


Nicosia, Cyprus


Gregory M. Reichberg (UiO/PRIO)


5 ECTS with course essay


Research School members will receive separate information about the course in due time


The objective of this course is twofold: on the one hand, it will examine the theory of peace and conflict research (its nature, scope, impact and recent trends) and on the other it will consider some (although by no means all) of its chief topics, including: non-violent strategies for political change, military intervention and the changing character of war, norms of war in comparative religious perspective.

The course is organised in collaboration between UiO, NTNU and PRIO, and is hosted by the PRIO Cyprus Centre. Only members of the Research School (and their supervisors) are eligible to enroll in this course.

Course Description:

The idea that peace and conflict constitute a special domain of research emerged about half a century ago, and has since become a major multi-disciplinary field of inquiry. The field is often associated with the Nordic countries where specialized institutes on peace research have existed since the late 1950's. The very nature of peace and conflict research has been the subject of some disagreement. On some accounts peace and conflict research is best construed as a unified discipline, while on other accounts it is alternatively described as a field of study that can be approached from within a variety of different disciplines. The very aim or purpose of this research has also been a matter of some contention, with some viewing it first and foremost as a mode of scientific inquiry where knowledge is sought for its own sake, while for others it has a normative thrust – under the supposition that giving impetus to a more peaceful state-of-affairs in the world is of its very essence.

The course is held in Cyprus where PRIO maintains an office, the PRIO Cyprus Centre.  We will meet in Kyrenia during the first few days, and afterwards in the divided capital Nicosia, where the course will continue at The Home for Cooperation, in the UN Buffer Zone. Taking advantage of these settings we will explore how the theoretical issues of peace and conflict research play out in one distinctive local context. This will be done both thematically – with lectures on e.g. the inter-communal strife from 1963-1974 and the status of current efforts to overcome the island's division – and with a guided field trip to conflict-related sites in Nicosia.
Basic costs (food, board and a contribution to the travel costs) associated with the Cyprus course will be covered the Research School. Travel to Cyprus should be scheduled on October 14, with return on the 20th 
Supervisors are encouraged to attend. One part of the course will be devoted to an interactive session on the advisor/advisee relationship, with a focus on how to improve the quality of the interaction. Advisors are also encouraged to give a lecture in the course, drawing on their area of expertise. They are welcome to be with the group for a full week, or could stay for a shorter duration.