Course on Writing and Presentation

Please note: This page refers to a course that has already taken place.

20 - 22 Apr 2015

PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo

Lynn P. Nygaard and Kristoffer Liden

None, or subject to agreement of the universities of the participants.

Maral Mirshahi (

​​Lynn P. Nygaard, PRIO

​​Compulsory course on writing and presentation, with focus on the PhD project. Serves as a basis for the format of the Symposiums, and as preparation for the presentation of the projects of the new members in the following Symposium.

Course Description:

​Science is a big, noisy dialogue that takes place mainly through scholarly journals and books. How do you make your voice heard?

This three-day workshop will take you through the basics of writing for a scholarly audience.  The focus is on the document level – that is, audience, core argument and structure – rather than the sentence level. The workshop also covers giving and receiving feedback as well as how to develop good writing habits. In the final exercise of the workshop, participants will give short oral presentations of their proposed doctoral project to the group as a way to practice focusing their arguments and giving/receiving feedback.


The course will start at 10.00, and end no later than 16.00.
The schedule will be distributed by e-mail to the participants in April.


​​No preparation required.