The Arab Spring: a Challenge to Comparative and International Politics

Please note: This page refers to a course that has already taken place.


29 Sep 2014 - 02 Oct 2014


University of Oslo


Inga Brandell




Guro S Øvregard:


​Inga Brandell, Södertörns högskola/ University of Oslo, and guest lecturers.

A University of Oslo research course relevant to members of the Research School on Peace and Conflict. For more information see the UiO website.

Course Description:

This research course takes its point of departure in the by all unexpected upheaval in a series of Arab countries from early 2011, leading to the fall of authoritarian regimes and rulers and to the still ongoing era of reforms, open power struggles and socio-political turmoil. On the basis of an outline of the major events its purpose will be to present relevant analytical approaches to politics in the region as well as the impact on political science and international relations.

The region, a historical shatter belt, has relations with Europe, its close neighbour, since centuries and it constituted parts of the frontline during the Cold War, which is one of the reasons for the contemporary influence of the United States and Russia. Students working on the foreign policies of these and other international actors, as well as on the role of the UN bodies, might also want to attend. The course will take on both a historic and a general social science perspective, while theoretical claims from comparative and international politics will be at its focus.


The course is open to doctoral students in political science and related disciplines whose research interest lies in the problems of the main comparative and international politics theories when confronted with the unforseen and fast changes in the different Arab countries and in the region as a whole. Master’s students in political science writing a thesis on related topics may apply for admission.

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Application deadline: 1 September 2014

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