Open Source GIS: Quantum and PostGIS

Please note: This page refers to a course that has already taken place.


10 - 11 Apr 2014


PRIO, Hausmanns gate 7, Oslo





Andreas Forø Tollefsen (UiO and PRIO) and Nils B. Weidmann (Konstanz)

​A PRIO course on Quantum and PostGIS open to members of the Research School on Peace and Conflict.

Course Description:

​Conventional GIS tools such as Arc quickly reach their limits when it comes to large datasets, redundancy and replicability. Using two open-source GIS packages, we introduce a set of "best practices" in GIS data analysis that do not rely on proprietary and expensive software. Quantum GIS is a free desktop GIS that can perform standard GIS operations such as visualization and data exploration. For analysis, we link Quantum to an even more powerful GIS backend, the PostGIS spatial database. In order to work with PostGIS, we provide a basic introduction to SQL, the standard language to interact with databases. Last, we introduce GIS-specific functions in PostGIS that allow SQL to be applied to the processing of spatial datasets. 


Schedule Day 1

The frontend: An introduction to QGIS

The backend (I): Postgres and SQL


Schedule Day 2

The backend (II): PostGIS



​ The course requires that users are familiar with basic GIS concepts and software (e.g. ArcGIS).

Software requirements

Users need to bring their laptops. You need Internet access, either through a wired connection or a wireless network. Please install QuantumGIS and pgAdmin on your machine beforehand, and test if the software works.


​Please send a short application to by 1 April.