Symposium - Research School

Please note: This page refers to an event that has already taken place.

Time: Thu 21 (00:00) - Fri 22 (00:00) April 2016
Place: PRIO, Hausmanns gate 3, Oslo

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Research School symposium is a forum designed to focus on building the practical skills we need as researchers. The students are invited to present their on-going work and get feedback from the rest of the gr​​oup; this provides experience in both presentation skills and feedback skills. We also invite speakers to talk about other concrete skills such as grant writing, interviewing, and research ethics. Symposiums are held twice a year. During their period at the Research School, all Research School members are expected to attend at least 3 symposiums, present at least once, and act as discussants at least twice.​

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